12 Best Massage Parlors with Happy Endings in Chiang Mai

Are you looking for the best happy ending massage parlor in Chiang Mai?

Although Chiang Mai is known as the refreshing rose city, it has many hidden gem massage parlors.

But which parlor has the hottest girls and give the best service?

You do not want to go into a place only to find a masseuse offering normal Thai Massage or Oil Massage.

So we have walked the streets and uncovered the best happy ending and body-to-body massage parlors in Chiang Mai.

Better yet, they all offer extra special services delivered by gorgeous girls.

For a happy ending massage, each guy has a different definition:

For a gentleman, it does not necessarily include erotic services. A beautiful and lovely masseuse, a comfortable massage, and girlfriend-style intimate care can all be called a happy ending massage.

Unfortunately, most of the massage parlors in Chiang Mai are older women. Guys usually prefer younger girls. So, where can find the best happy ending massage?

Well, recommend Aloha Massage parlor for you.

Aloha Massage

aloha massage chiang mai

IMHO, this probably will not be a perfect trip if you miss the Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai.

And if you see the masseuses available, you will understand why Asian men like it here.

Aloha Massage is NOT an erotic massage parlor, all the girls here are traditional northern Thai masseuses, clean and pure.

Officially, it has become a must-see for many gentlemen and tasteful men who come to Chiang Mai.

In fact, the masseuses at Aloha Massage are professionally-trained. It takes your massage experience seriously, the real fun starts at the end.

The shop is neat and very decent, plus the ambiance is relaxing. These eager ladies will make sure to give you every buck’s worth.

If you are bored of the nightlife in Bangkok or Pattaya, then we highly recommended that you experience an “exotic massage trip with girls from northern Thailand” in Chiang Mai.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:30 am- 11 pm
  • Contact: +66 (0)95 238 6661
  • Prices: from 400 baht to 2,200 baht
  • Address: 49/8 Road. Suriyawong Sup-district. Hayya District Rrovince, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Body to Body Massage

Often referred to as sensual or erotic massage in Chiang Mai, body to body massage features sensuous gliding action, and direct contact between the customer and the masseuse. Proximity and intimacy is increased to heighten the eroticism of the massage experience.

There are many body-to-body massage parlors in Chiang Mai, and the service process and price of each store are basically the same.

Actually, the quality of the service depends on the girl who serves you, so it doesn’t matter which massage parlor you visit.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a few more shops.

Don’t be shy, if you don’t like a girl in one shop, you can go to the next one.

( Note that the rankings are not in any order )

Icha Icha

icha icha chiang mai

If you are seeking the most highly erotic nuru massage Chiang Mai has to offer then you have come to the right place. 

Icha Icha is always in pursuit of the best most attractive and service minded girls.

Their girls are mostly Chiang Mai native between 18-25 of age.

All of new icha icha VIP rooms are free of charge for both 60 and 90 min courses, which comes with love and affection.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 10 pm
  • Contact: +66 (0)63 412 5002
  • Prices: from 2500 baht to 3,200 baht
  • Address: 73/2-3 Charoen Prathet Rd, Tambon Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Inspire Club

Inspire Club

Inspire Club proudly presents stunning, hot girls at a good price.

These ladies are professionally trained to help you relax and unwind – Offers a 40-minute body-to-body massage.

Rates depend on a lot of factors, so be sure to call them first.

Booking may be required, too.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 12 pm- 3 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)65 027 5222
  • Prices: from 1,600 baht to 2,500 baht
  • Address: 44/74 M.5 Supalai Monte Biz T.Nong Pa Krang, Amphur Muang ,Chiangmai 50000


mermaid chiang mai

Mermaid is an chiang mai erotic massage parlor. The shop is located on Chiangmailand Road. There is also a Fang VIP Members Club nearby (it seems to be permanently closed on Google Maps).

One course costs 2,000 Baht(b2b + handjob) and another costs 2,500 Baht(already includes a full sexual service). The more expensive course promises more service but both are advertised to end happy.

There are some things to note about the extra sex massage at Mermaid. One is that the ladies come equipped with Japanese nuru lotion though customers can decide whether or not they want it to be used.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 12 pm- 1 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)61 791 0088
  • Prices: from 2,000 baht to 2,500 baht
  • Address: 316 Chiangmailand Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Koi fish Spa

A body-to-body massage parlour in Chiang Mai. It has just opened, next to the Shangri-La Hotel.

Nice environment, new equipment and decoration. Oil massage start at 600 baht. Body to body massage start at 1500 baht for a HJ (More services, can talk to girls privately).

Check it out if you’re nearby.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 12 pm- 2 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)63 798 7692
  • Prices: from 600 baht to 1,500 baht
  • Address: QXHX+HR8, Chang Khlan Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Darin Spa

darin spa chiang mai

Darin Spa offers special body to body erotic massage packages. Good service mind and sensual skills.

This shop is relatively hidden, please book in advance or you may miss it. Spacious parking lot on site.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 12 pm- 10 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)96 974 5658
  • Prices: 1,700 baht
  • Address: Unnamed Road Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Miss Spa

miss spa chiang mai

Miss Spa is far from the ancient town. There are many girls but PR is prettier.

Mostly from Chiang Mai or many from Bangkok It is like a massage parlor but needs to be negotiated with each other and depends on the satisfaction of the children as well.

They offer a unique service for its customers.

If you know which girl you like for your erotic massage, you can call ahead and book her in advance.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10 am- 2 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)81 181 3221
  • Prices: from 1,600 baht to 2,500 baht
  • Address: Fa Ham, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50210, Thailand


loverspa chiang mai

Loverspa is a b2b erotic massage parlour in Chiang Mai, which is the favorite of Thai locals.

The shop is on the 1st floor of gem tree premium hotel. Enclosed parking lot behind the building.

If you speak Thai well, you can experience it.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10 am- 10 pm
  • Contact: +66 (0)92 280 4622
  • Prices: from 1,000 baht to 2,000 baht
  • Address: Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300

Aurora Club Cm

aurora club cm

Aurora Club Cm is an adult b2b massage parlor featuring a wide variety of young and attractive Thai masseuses and models.

But the price is high and the location is far from the city center. If you are close, you can go have a look.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 2 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)95 136 6669
  • Prices: from 1,800 baht to 2,600 baht
  • Address: 143/9 หมู่ที่ 7 Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Be’ Rich Spa

be rich spa chiang mai

Erotic body-to-body massage parlour previously operating under the name of Okanë massage.

The most popular place for Thai locals in Chiang Mai because the prices are really cheap.

Therefore, the quality of service is average, It is the ideal hideout for professionals who likes privacy.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 11 pm
  • Contact: +66 (0)64 636 3943
  • Prices: from 1,000 baht to 1,600 baht
  • Address: Jed Yod Rd, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300

Phoenix Club

phoenix club

Phoenix Club is a unique spa club in Chiang Mai, specializing in erotic and body-to body massages.

The shop located on Tunghotel Rd. From the Superhighway, enter the alley for about 30 meters only. You can easily notice the yellow wall fence.

Phoenix Club features many attractive masseuses. Don’t forget to come and experience the atmosphere with beautiful girls.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 2 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)94 325 1888
  • Prices: from 1,500 baht to 2,300 baht
  • Address: 26/1 Tunghotel Rd, Tambon Nong Pa Khrang, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Pink X Station

pink x station

Pink X Station in Chiang Mai offers a wide variety of sensual massage services to meet just about everyone’s tastes and desires.

They advertise themselves as being full of beautiful ladies that love to entertain men.

There are three levels of girls to choose from ordinary, model and pretty model. But beauty comes at a high price.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 2 am
  • Contact: +66 (0)61 223 4000
  • Prices: from 1,700 baht to 2,900 baht
  • Address: 185, 1-3 Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Tips & Summary

There you have it, the 12 best happy ending massage parlors in Chiang Mai.

NOTING: Many shops may have temporarily closed due to the impact of COVID-19.

So when you plan to visit a massage parlor, be sure to contact them in advance.

Not all massage parlors offer happy endings in Chiang Mai. Some have strict policies prohibiting any intimate contact.

This is why it is crucial to check out lists, such as knowing where to find the best happy ending parlors with extra services.

If this is your first-time to get a massage in Chiang Mai, make sure you read our guide to happy ending massages.

Happy Ending ServiceBest Shops
Teen MassageAloha Massage
B2B MassageInspire Club
Koi Fish Spa
Darin Spa
Miss Spa
Aurora Club Cm
Be’ Rich Spa
Phoenix Club
Pink X Station
Nuru MassageIcha Icha


  1. Over 80% of massage shops in Chiang Mai closed “permanently”. Chiang Mai’s former glory is gone forever. The nightlife is almost gone. Hope to get back to what it was two years ago as soon as possible. As a massage lover, I am grateful to those few businesses that are still open for making my life in Chiang Mai less boring.

  2. Visited Aloha Massage Chiang Mai, Gibzy was great today, she has a fantastic personality and was very welcoming, not to mention she looks better than in the pictures!

  3. Was in Chiang Mai last month, I was thoroughly jet-lagged, and Alina gave me a wonderful hours body to body massage. I quickly felt very welcome and relaxed in her presence and the massage was magnificent. It’s been a very pleasant time and definitely hight light my trip in Chiang Mai.

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