Four hands massage in Chiang Mai – the key to a happy and healthy life

There are two things we often strive for in life and that’s to be happy and healthy, so what if we told you we have the key to a successful lifestyle? Gentlemen, we present you with four hands massage in Chiang Mai. Four hands massage is exactly what it says on the tin and is […]


Several Simple Kidney-tonifying Massages for Men

Kidney is an important organ of human beings. The quality of kidney depends on parents’inheritance and acquired nurturing. So kidney maintenance is very important. Many men often neglect their bodies because of the pressure of work and life. Aloha Massage provides Kidney Health and Tonifying Yang technique. It’s good for customers’health. Method/step 1、Lower abdominal friction […]


What’s the real happy ending massage in Chiang Mai

Usually A happy ending massage is a massage that starts with the usual full-body rubdown but ends with a sex act, usually a handjob or a blowjob.It’s just a physiological satisfaction.But often many times, many places will make customers unhappy, although the physical happy ending, but there is no happy ending in mind! What’s the real happy […]


Integrity Statement – Aloha Massage Chiang Mai

Thank you for your trust and recognition of Aloha Massage! The present society is the era of Internet , It’s hard to identify Truth or Fake.But for those who slander Aloha Massage on the Internet.We can understand and even want to say “thank you” to them. Reasons For understanding If you have created a website (get […]


Letters Of Thanks To Customers- Aloha Massage

Dear Customers: Thank you for choosing aloha massage chiang mai ! The flight of time. Looking back on the progress and success of Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai this year, we can not do without your attention, trust, support and participation. With tremendous excitement, I would like to express to you my heartfelt gratitude for […]


The story of a four hands specialised masseuse in Chiang Mai

Four Hands massage therapy is a very unique and pleasurable massage style that many men fantasise about. Those that bite the bullet and actually get one to have nothing but 5* comments, after all, double the hands means double the fun. However, we know that our clients love getting a four hands massage, which is […]


What’s the difference between prostate massage and erotic massage in chiang mai?

This is a piece of knowledge explaining the difference between prostate massage and erotic massage. Prostate massage is the practice of massaging the male prostate either for medical or therapeutic reasons. Indulging in prostate massage helps in the process of diagnosis and check up on many conditions. These conditions include erectile dysfunction and chronic prostate. […]