About Us


aloha massage chiang mai

Speaking of Chiang Mai
Has always been
a small representative of Thailand

Although there is no
Bangkok or Pattaya’s
indulge in a wanton life

But have a
Chic massage parlour
Concealed in this fresh town

For men
What’s true enjoyment?

Someone chooses ‘Additional’
But most of them are
Skimps her work

Someone chooses ‘BANG BANG’
However, after a ‘twitch’
But there is no Satisfaction


What you need is
Let you have an
Endless Aftertaste
Enjoy both body and mind

So…Aloha Born

Aloha Masseuse

Northern Thai girl…
Gentle and considerate
fresh and refined
Have a sense of service
Not only quality cultivation
but also professional
The focus is Pretty~
Full of thick Thai style!

Will give you girlfriend-like care!

You will find
Not only does the body get soothed and relaxed
Even the mind is relieved!