Four hands massage in Chiang Mai – the key to a happy and healthy life

happy ending massage

There are two things we often strive for in life and that’s to be happy and healthy, so what if we told you we have the key to a successful lifestyle? Gentlemen, we present you with four hands massage in Chiang Mai.

Four hands massage is exactly what it says on the tin and is essentially a treatment which comes with double the trouble, double the benefits. Those who opt for four hands massage enjoy the company of two expertly-trained therapists rubbing their whole body down in unison. The strokes are second-to-none as it indulges you into mesmerising waves of pleasure. Regular four hands sessions are the secret ingredient to a healthy and happy lifestyle, but why?

It massages all your stresses away

Four hands are designed for those who lead hectic working schedules and need to let off some steam once in a while. These people don’t often get to treat themselves, so when they eventually get the chance they really do indulge. And why not? They work hard, so they should play even harder! Enjoying the sweet caresses of two seductive therapists makes the whole body and mind unable to keep up with the mesmerising strokes as it instantly unwinds and enters a deep state of relaxation. With four hands climaxing you to the highest levels yet, you’re guaranteed to feel instantly lighter as all of your stresses are flushed out.

It takes away your aches and pains

Let’s be honest, with age we do start to suffer from the aches, pains and niggles which can often hinder our day to day lifestyles. Soft long glides of effleurage performed at either side of your body trigger the rush of endorphins. Endorphins are often picked up by the central nervous system which helps to block the pain signals from reaching the brain and ultimately makes the unwanted niggles subside. Studies have shown four hands massage to be more effective at eliminating pain than any other over-the-counter painkiller.

It gets your blood pumping and oxygen flowing

Steady oxygen and blood circulation is the key to keeping all your organs intact and avoid getting sick. Therefore, the good news is that regular four hands therapy helps to keep the flow at a very good pace. This is guaranteed to make you feel you’re on top of your well-being.

happy ending massage in chiang mai

It makes you sleep better

Without sleep, we often feel unmotivated, irritable and super lethargic. If you struggle to get your eight hours at night then four hands can help. The powerful four hands strokes boost the serotonin levels within the body. Doctors have proven serotonin to be a vital hormone for a good night’s sleep. And the beauty with four hands is that the serotonin levels are boosted twice as much with a four hands session than a normal massage in Chiang Mai.

It encourages happy thoughts

Four hands massage takes you on the finest ride of life and almost always guarantees you the most powerful of happy endings. These orgasms help to release oxytocin, which is nicknamed as the ‘happy hormone’. Strong levels of oxytocin make you feel more motivated, content and confident. After a four hands session, you’ll be able to tackle whatever your day throws at you, as your mood will be insanely uplifted.

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Four hands massage can make you healthier and happier. We have a professional team of Thailand therapists in Chiang Mai.

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