Erotic Massage in Chiang Mai FAQ’s

Want to know more about Erotic Massages?

Erotic massage therapy has taken in Chiang Mai by storm over the last number of years, with the volume of men seeking these services being constantly on the rise. I mean, it isn’t a surprise because not only do they feel amazing, they have many benefits for both the body and mind. However, people are still unsure about erotic massage Chiang Mai therapy and there are a lot of unanswered questions which is why we are here to help…

Erotic massage therapy FAQ’s

What age do they have to be to have an erotic massage in chiang mai? Due to the sexual and intimate nature of an erotic massage, you must be over the age of eighteen to receive an erotic massage, But most Thailand erotic massage companies require you to be twenty-one.

Does the masseuse use lubricant during an erotic massage? Lubricant is a great way to add some fun into your massage and it also helps things to run a lot smoother between the masseuse and customer. The masseuse will ask you before your session whether or not you want to use it, but advise that you do for maximum pleasure!

How long does an erotic massage chiang mai session last? The duration of the session is completely up to you however they do have a one-hour minimum policy. As the masseuse performs a full body to body massage as well as added massage styles such as a happy ending or full service, it is essential she has an hour to build up the feelings and sensations to give you the ultimate climax.

Am I naked during the massage? Due to the close body to body contact and sexual nature of erotic massage therapy, it is the norm that both participants are fully naked during the massage session. Being naked allows the massage to have its full potential on your mind, body and soul. The masseuse will be able to reach more areas of your body and it will make her touch more intense and sensitive on your skin and intimate areas.

What are the most popular types of erotic massage in chiang mai? What massage to choose varies from customer to customer as it depends on what you enjoy and what feels good for you. However, some of most popular massage styles amongst clients are;

“Happy Ending” massage
“Body-to-body” massage
“Four Hands” massage
“Prostate” massage
“Soapy Shower” massage

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