Several Simple Kidney-tonifying Massages for Men

Kidney is an important organ of human beings. The quality of kidney depends on parents’inheritance and acquired nurturing. So kidney maintenance is very important. Many men often neglect their bodies because of the pressure of work and life. Aloha Massage provides Kidney Health and Tonifying Yang technique. It’s good for customers’health.

Kidney Health and Tonifying Yang technique


1、Lower abdominal friction

One hand is placed under the umbilical cord in the upper abdomen of the pubic bone, the other hand is placed on the waist, then one hand is pressed against the waist, while the other hand is rubbed slowly from right to left in the lower abdomen, until the abdomen feels warm.

2、Rub the kidney

Put the palms of both hands on the same side of the waist and rub them back and forth from top to bottom for about 2 minutes. Take the deep slight heat as the degree, or make a fist with both hands and hit the waist alternately with the back plane of both hands. It has the functions of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist, improving essence and dredging channels and collaterals.

3、Inguinal massage

Place both hands in the groin (thigh root) on both sides, massage 36 times gently with the palm along the oblique direction.

Testicular massage

4、Testicular massage

Rub your hands warmly. First, grasp the testicles with your right hand, so that the right testicles are in the palm of your hand, and the left testicles are on the ribs of your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Then gently rub them, turning 30-50 times to the right and left respectively. Hold the testicles in your hands and wipe them upward 100 times.

5、Spermatic cord and meridians

Then twist the ‘spermatic cord meridians’ , twist the left and right spermatic cord of the genital root with thumb and index finger 50 times each.

Aloha believes that regular massage of testicles is a good way to keep healthy.Of course, you can also visit Aloha and experience this massage.