Integrity Statement – Aloha Massage Chiang Mai

Thank you for your trust and recognition of Aloha Massage!

The present society is the era of Internet , It’s hard to identify Truth or Fake.But for those who slander Aloha Massage on the Internet.We can understand and even want to say “thank you” to them.

  • Reasons For understanding

If you have created a website (get a high network flow) and then you have opened a massage parlour in Chiang Mai, then I believe you will describe your own store very well! At the same time, give the worst (derogatory) introduction to other competitor. This is a very normal business practice, we understand it very well! However, we firmly believe that the eyes of the masses are sharp, good or bad, truth or fake, and can only be distinguished after the experience!

  • Reasons For thanking

We don’t have the time and energy to build such a website. We just want to spend our energy and time on how to do better service! How to make customers more satisfied! Perhaps, because of some people’s slander and competition, Aloha Massage will be more progressive ~Aloha Massage’s service will be better! Aloha’s shopkeeper was very equable person. Aloha has always hoped for peaceful development and will never slander anyone!

  • Credit Affirming
  1. All employees, environment, promotional photographs and comments are real shoots, no falsehood! (Everyone’s eyes arebright !)
  2. Our masseurs are all trained professionally and have relevant massage licenses.
  3. We hope for peace and never slander our competitors. We will only serve our customers well and satisfy them.

Finally, thank you again for your choice and trust! Also hope that those competitors more happiness and kindness! Let’s create happiness together!

Aloha Massage Chiang Mai

27 Sept,2019