The story of a four hands specialised masseuse in Chiang Mai

Four Hands massage therapy is a very unique and pleasurable massage style that many men fantasise about. Those that bite the bullet and actually get one to have nothing but 5* comments, after all, double the hands means double the fun.

However, we know that our clients love getting a four hands massage, which is why we decided to speak to one of our trainer who specialized in 4 Hands Massage therapy for many years to find out the ins and outs of what makes a Four Hands massage feel so amazing.

“I grew up in a family of strong, independent women who all worked in the massage therapy industry – therefore I always knew that this profession would be my calling. I was trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools in China, and due to my hard work, I was very lucky to get to travel to countries such as Japan, Korea and Thailand to perfect my skills even further.

While working as an erotic massage therapist in Tokyo, I learned about four hands massage therapy for the first time. At the time, I specialised in lingam massage which I enjoyed very much. However, I knew that I wanted to develop my skills even further and I was always very keen to learn new massage styles to become the best possible masseuse I can be. I was quite nervous initially but the idea of working alongside someone else and knowing that this massage style brought intense levels of pleasure to the client made me very eager to learn everything I could about it as quickly as possible.

The training for four hands massage therapy is a few weeks, and this is because it is such a unique style that involves a lot of detail and communication. First of all, we began with the theory, finding out exactly why a four hands massage feels better than the more traditional style of just one masseuse. Simply, double the hands mean double the pleasure. Four hands massages allow your body to receive more attention, at a more intense level because the masseuses can either work on one area of the body at the same time or work on completely different parts of the body, making it a lot more effective and bringing more relief for the client. If you have any areas of muscle pain or tension then the masseuses will be able to work on it with twice as much power and effectiveness.

One of the most difficult things during my time as a four hands masseuse was learning to communicate with each masseuse that I had to perform the massage with. The interaction between the two women is key in ensuring that the session feels pleasurable for the customer and that they receive the exact type of massage that they crave and desire. My favourite thing about performing a four hands massage was when another masseuse and I would work in a synchronized motion to provide the client with maximum pleasure. It was very helpful working alongside experienced masseuses when I had just started out too because I was able to learn many new skills and techniques which made me a better masseuse. It is a very rewarding feeling after you complete a four hands massage because you are aware of the fact that you have made many men’s deepest sexual fantasies become a reality. Many men go through their whole life craving the idea of being pleased and pleasured by two beautiful women at the same time, therefore, I am more than happy to assist .”

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